Autumnal life

Autumn rides chill evening breezes.

It is the edge of ice,

The long, slow slide to sleep.

It is the whisper of a falling leaf.


Autumn is the riot of color,

The hope and memory of sunlight and hearthlight painted across trees.

It is the scent of spice,

The warmth of cocoa and rich soups.

It is a soft sweater on a clear day.


Autumn is memory,


It is the sunset of life.

It is the descent into night.


As night falls,

Autumn is the time when the world exposes the hidden grace,

The unexpected beauty that has grown unseen inside.


The promise of spring

And the growth of summer

Burst forth in rich sensory passion

To light the long night.


People have an autumn.


As I move into my night…


I hope…


I hope that the graces of my life



May I be trees painted in sun and fire


To light the long night.