An Older Man’s Prayer

Lord, let me age gracefully and gratefully.

Let me slip slow and soft into senescence.

Let my age be my age

And my life wrap round me,

Fitting me closely and comfortably like my favorite shoes.

Let me not chase young men’s goals.

The accomplishments of my youth were of my youth.

Let me, instead, know the victories of a life lived to this point, and the victories beyond, as they come.

Let me fight relentlessly and righteously against the ills of the world,

But against the ills not the ill.

Let me grow weaker than I might have been

And wiser than I have been.

Let me savor my earned aches and creaks

As commendations,

Reminders that my body still moves and works and strives to be better.

Let me struggle not to hold remembered shadows of days past

And things that might have been

But fight valiantly to build each new day.

Let me learn new lessons

And pass well won wisdom to those who will hear.

Let the total worth of my life

Be less than it will be

And greater than it has been.



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