A Moment at Night

It’s dark when I get home.
The sun set long since.
I open the door and rise from the car…

I’m held by this night.

For a little while
I just stand.

The wind hisses through the dying leaves.
It sounds like the pages of a thousand books turning,
Like sleet sheeting against glass.

Leaves scurry across the drive
To and fro in the changing wind,
Like ghosts late for appointments.

The sky is so black it almost swallows the stars.
If you stare long enough they stare crystal stares back at you.

It’s cold enough to feel the edge of it.
Not so cold as to drive me in.

I just stand
For a little while.

Why do I stand?
Why am I held?

The wind hisses in my ears.
Like a stranger whispering secrets that I can’t quite hear.

Leaves brush past,
Sometimes brushing my skin,
In transition from sky to earth.

This is the season of changes.
The edge of the fall.
The cusp of the long sleep.

The world holds still

And I stand

For a little while.


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