Another Autumn

The air cools.

Not biting
But nibbling with tiny teeth.

The county fair always brings the chill,
Dragging winter slowly behind like a carnival trailer.

Lights and music and carny barkers,
Rigged games,
The sizzle and smell of all things fried,
Prize winning animals,
Pies and amateur art and firemen showing off their big red truck.

Autumn arrives with a sideshow.

The trees settle in again,
Turning to the long sleep
With brilliant blazes of beauty.
Settling their own colored blankets at their own feet.
Stark limbs reach high into colder nights.

Fall floats in with a rain of leaves.

It’s the time of sweaters,
Thick socks,
Warm drinks and warm blankets.

The sunset of the turning year.

The air cools.


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