Here at the Ocean

Here is the ocean,
Here the sand,
Here the sea oats and beach elder,
The horseweed and evening primrose,
Here the live oak, the red bay, the wax myrtle.

Here the land-ward breath of the world blowing.

I am filled beyond myself.

Each breath draws in all the world’s winds.
Each heartbeat drives the tide and current.
The reaching sea holds every thought and impulse I’ve had
And will have.

The past rises around me,
Days gone with the lives that lived them,
And days to come with those coming lives,
Mix in the shadows of the short and twisted forests and
The pulse of the tide.

The eternal and the infinite
Resound in my ears,
Respire in my nose,
Brush my skin.

I am a shadow here,
Resting for my moment.



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