Deep in the Woods

Deep in the woods,

Deep and far back,

When the sun sinks down

And the fog rolls in

You can find where the magic still lives,

Where the fair folk walk,

And the Wild Hunt roams,

And Children  (in red hoods or leaving bread crumb trails) outwit the monsters of the world.


Deep in the woods,

Past the eyes,

Far under the skin,

Dreams wake into beautiful, fantastic, horrible life

And shape the world.


They say iron killed the magic of the world.


Standing in a factory,

A forest of steel and electricity,

Full of cold lines and sharp edges,

It’s easy to see the heart of that thought.

Stay in that forest long enough

Any you can feel the magic of a different sort of dream

Dreams of tamed rivers, crossed continents and even of journeys to distant stars.


Iron can’t kill dreams.


We are dreams with iron spines,

Waked deep in the woods,

Deep and far back,

With the sun sinking down

And the fog rolling in.


6 thoughts on “Deep in the Woods

  1. This brings me back to a very secret and magical place in the woods I used to share with a girlfriend when I was younger. I hope that if I were to go back to that place it would still hold as much magic and wonder as it did. Very nice.

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