Just let me breathe.




Just one breath.

Just one.

Just one breath free from this tiny world of bars and locks and stone walls.

Ten by ten and one by one and none by none,

These walls, just beyond my reaching fingers and closer than my skin,

Keep me from one full breath.


You sit.

You sit and watch.

You don’t swagger or bluster.

You sit.



You built this cage with my own hands.

You gave me the keys and hid the locks.

If those damned bars weren’t there I’d jump.


I think I could fly.

Even a fall is a flight, though a short one.

I think I could.


You say “no”.

You sit, impassive, and teach me that the walls are stone and the bars are iron.

You sit, wearing my face, twisted, and weave a cage for my words with your words.


Your voice sounds like mine.


If the stone and iron are words….


“No,” you say with my voice.




One step

Then the edge

Then nothing but air.


Words are thoughts wrapped in air and backed with steel.


Fly or fall,

It’s time to take a breath.


8 thoughts on “Air

  1. I took a brief hiatus from publishing here because I realized that I was only writing looking for approval and compliments and blog traffic. My hiatus extended because I was trapped by my fears of not getting the approval and compliments. That’s what this one is about. I’m going to write every day. Some will go up here and some won’t but I’m going to write every day.

  2. Very nice. My favorite line is “…just beyond my reaching fingers and closer than my skin”. An interesting take on the fear that we all feel when we put ourselves out there. Your words enrich my life. I am glad you are writing:)

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