Morning Rising

The light swells beyond the edge of the sky.


The ink sketched world

Slowly blooms again with color.


The fears that live in the dark,

Slide back with the retreat of the night.


I rise.


I was down,





Now I rise up.


I meet the gaze of those fears and they retreat.


My ink-sketched soul

Slowly blooms again with color.


I rise up.


I stretch, slowly and creakingly,

And the fears of the night retreat as I expand.


I rise up!


Rise up!


Rise up!


Here we go.


8 thoughts on “Morning Rising

  1. Inspiring and awesome. It’s like reading a part of my thoughts. Rising up every day from within can be a challenge. So many obstacles. So many demands and responsibilities but luckily, we have our perfect remedies to get up and face the day!

    • I’d decided to take a break. I was concerned that I was writing just to post something and it was becoming shallow. The longer the break the more I wanted to come back with something awesome. That’s ego and fear. I will post something today good or bad. Thanks for holding me accountable.

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