Forever Falling

Fear is the fall that never ends.


It’s the eternal hungry mouth that chomps and chews

And, with every bite, leaves behind itself

Until all that’s left is…




It’s the original sin,

The root of Doubt,




It’s the ultimate inside man,

Speaking softly in my own voice.


Fear is the shadowed bogeyman,

The undefined deeper darkness

Hiding just in front,

Unseen in plain sight.

Fear is the thing beyond the covers of my bed.

Fear is the edge of the cliff.


Fear makes you tired.


I’m tired.


I’m tired of being tired,

Tired of being afraid,

Tired of seeing the edge coming closer.


It’s time to leap.


Fear won’t follow me over.


I might leap and land on an invisible bridge

(Like Indiana Jones)

Or I might land on a cushion of marshmallows and rose petals.




I might land on unyielding rock.


Whatever the landing,

Fear won’t follow.


There’s a difference between falling and leaping.


Faith lives beyond the leap.

That’s why Fear won’t follow.


Faith brings us home.


Fear falls forever.


13 thoughts on “Forever Falling

  1. You have captured the essence of FEAR so well…”It’s the ultimate inside man, Speaking softly in my own voice.” Oh yes, FEAR claws its way around inside of us so very aware of our weaknesses. And yet… “FAITH lives beyond the leap. FEAR falls forever.” A beautiful picture of overcoming our FEAR with FAITH. LOVE it!

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