Bone deep weariness

Drags at me.

Gravity sings sweet, soft, songs

Of welcome rest

If I just lay down,

Lay down my sword and shield,

Lay down my helm and armor

And lay down my body.

Just for a moment.

One little moment.

“What can happen in a moment?”

I can hear the whisper.

“Really, how many could get through the gate,

If you just stopped for a moment?”

“You’ve earned a moment, surely.”



I was told to stand.

This is my gate,

My place to hold,

My place to defend.

To every side another gate

And in each gate another defender.

I never stand alone

But this is my gate.



I’m never weary in the battles.

Lassitude drags at me in the pauses between the fights.

“It’s just one gate,

One tiny gate,

Of a thousand like it.

No-one is watching.


Just for a moment.”



When the whispers come

And the weariness grows

I know the enemy is coming.



Deeper than the subtle whisper

I can hear the voice of the one who gave me my charge.

“Stand firm,

And after you have done everything,




I stand.


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