Secure hearts (prose version)

The heart of a man is not made for nine to five.  A soul is not made for boundaries, fences, borders, or coloring inside the lines.  I was not forged… Forged…in the blazing heart of creation to live ruled by fear and trembling trepidation. My pulse quickens at the sights yet unseen, the view beyond the hill and across the water.  My true self is engineered, designed, planned meticulously, for fearless, selfless freedom. (True freedom is selfless, always selfless. Fear is the heart of selfishness. We only build walls to guard the things we fear might be destroyed.)  I’m crafted for leaping, running,  bounding, sailing, soaring and for helping others to do the same.  The original lie, the very first one, is the tempting promise of unassailable security. “you will be like God”

I can tell you how to find absolute security.  Dig a hole, sixty by sixty.  Build a box of concrete and steel with walls ten feet thick, airtight and light-tight.  Climb inside and close the door and have the dirt piled high on top.  Wait until the air runs out. Voila,  Security.

Here is my hope and desire, for me and for you, that should I find myself on the crest of a cliff, and looking down, see the snarling faces and bristling spears of enemies bent on my destruction,  that I (and you in the same position) would leap without thought and with a laugh,  and watch them try to scatter, too late to escape me.

True security rests in a heart that has broken the chains of fear and been broken at the hands of the Smith to be forged anew.  I know who guards my heart and under that guard it is unassailable.


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