Tomorrow’s Sunrise

The sun rose this morning.  It was a lovely thing.  I’m surrounded by trees and the early light is gold tinted faintly with green as it settles down past the leaves.  The sun rose and the day began and I moved on through it.  I laughed and I ate and I sang (a little) and I enjoyed the company of others that I care about.  I played and I strained and I worked and I was neglectful and I had bursts of temper.  I was lazy and I was diligent and I was helpful and I was callous. The sun rose and the day began and it was a day like most other days.  It’s the end of the day and I’ve made plans for tomorrow, things I want to get done and things I don’t want to do but have to anyway and things that will happen around me that I’ll have to enjoy or deal with one way or the other, because I think the sun will rise again tomorrow and it will be a day like most other days.

What if it doesn’t, though?  What if, despite my plans, the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow, green tinted through the leaves of my woods and swamp?  What if it’s all done?  As scientists, logicians, and stock brokers will always carefully say, past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Just because the sun has always risen doesn’t mean it always will.  So, if it doesn’t, what should I have done differently today?  Where could I have been kinder or more patient?  Where could I have been less hesitant or less fearful?  When should I have said “I love you” one more time?  What things did I brush past waiting for the always impending tomorrow?

It’s a little sad and sobering to think like this and that’s why I don’t think like this all the time.  I need my tomorrow to make up for my today.  Tomorrow I’ll be looking for the next tomorrow to do better than tomorrow’s day.  Since I have had the time tonight to think like this, though, maybe tomorrow I can do a little better than I did today.  Maybe I can be a little kinder and a little bolder and a little better all the way around.  And maybe, the day after, I can do a little better yet. That’s the gift, promise and threat of tomorrow.  Every tomorrow brings a new chance to do better with each sunrise.


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