Ocean love song

The stars are out

And the moon hangs soft and low

Just above the waves gently crashing.

The water sweeps up, baptizing her toes

And sometimes her calves.

She sits at the edge of the ocean,

The far-stretching infinite ocean,

Under the stars and moon in the heavens,

The far-stretching infinite heavens,

And all I can see is her.

Her skin glows gently in the moonlight.

Sometimes I think that the moon takes it’s light from her.

Maybe the sparkle and shimmer of the distant stars

Is borrowed from the light in her eyes.

Maybe the soft and eternal ocean breeze

That gently stirs her hair

Is her breath breathed out and returned again.

Surely the easy and slow crash of the waves

Finds its rhythm in her heartbeat.

I surely do.

I’m lost in the light of her skin,

The shimmer of her eyes,

The inspiration of her breath,

And the open rhythm of her heartbeat

As I sit at the edge of her ocean.


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