I hate.


I hate being weak.


I am weak though.


I’m weaker than a stone.

If I slam my hand down upon a stone


Will be hurt

And the stone

Will not.


I’m strong enough to get a bigger, harder stone

And pound the first stone to dust.


I’m weaker than a bear.

One swipe of a bear’s paw could end my life,

Tear my flesh,

Leave me drooling lopsided out of a crooked mouth for the rest of my life.

But, I’m clever enough to make a weapon,

Or dig a pit

Or build a trap

To kill the bear before he even knew I existed.


I’m weaker than a tree.

My bones, in a collision with a tree, would shatter

Long before the tree suffered more than scraped bark.

I could be impaled upon the branches

Or, if I were as foolish and stubborn as I occasionally am,

I could tear my muscles

And pop my joints,

Trying vainly to wrestle the tree from the ground.

But, I can learn to make fire,

Or an ax,

Or even, given enough time,

A chainsaw,

All of which would remove the tree from my path

With no more consequence than a mild sweat.


I’m weaker than a mountain.

Whether it falls on me

Or I fall on it

Or it just remains as it is and never lets me pass,

I am inconsequential

To the mountain.

I can live and die on its slopes

And do nothing more than add my corpse to its mass.

But, with a shovel

I can re-route a river to wear it down,

With a pick I can chisel my way through the heart of it,

With the right chemicals I can blow a hole through the center of it,

With a word I can throw it into the sea.


I’m weaker than a thought.

One thought,

One casual comment,

One tiny temptation,

One doubt,

Can work its way into my head

Like a virus

Until it resonates

And dominates

In every part of me.

But, I create thoughts, too.

I can learn discernment and


I can believe in what’s True

(With the intentional capitol T

Because I believe that there is Truth

And not just small, individual, true-for-me truths).

Truth is stronger than me

But, in Truth I am stronger

Than doubt,

Than temptations,

Than untrue, virulent thoughts.


I am weak,


In myself, I am weak.


Through gifts given to me I am stronger than any opposition.


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