No Mood

I’m in no-mood tonight.


Sort of.

Not a good mood.

Not a bad mood

(Or, not really bad).

I’m listless.


Maybe not waiting either.

Just here

But not in a Zen kind of here;

More like a bullet kind of here.

Stored energy waiting for a direction.

Without the sharp sense of purpose.

I’m not at peace

(I find, more often than not these days, that I have a greater sense of peace than I used to have)

But I’m not really in turmoil either.

I’m a big slow cooker of stewed emotions.

A little of this,

A bit of that,

A soupçon of the other.

And I’m ok with it tonight.

I know I’ll wander out one edge or another.

Tomorrow I’ll have some peace.

Likely I’ll have a bit of anxiety and turmoil at some point too.  (I’m under grace but not perfected.)



More of the former than the latter

(Cause I’m under grace).


I’ll drift.




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