It’s been a very long day

These past few years.

The seconds are seconds long

And the hours are decades.

Each moment is blindingly quick

And painfully endless.

The same sun shines warm

And beats me into a gasping sweaty mess.

The rain washes

And drowns me

Between eternal heartbeats.


I stagger,


Down the treacherous

Open path.



The tactic of my foe.



Breaking the rhythm.



I reject that.

My rhythm beats in the changes.

Drowning teaches me to swim.

Baking makes me fireproof.

Foot-grabbing roots in my path teach me balance.

Fire and ice temper steel.

Peace would have been a better tactic.

Complacency might have done me in.

I’m not voting for pain

Or cheering for trials.

I’m not a martyr.

And right after each new blow I’m sure I’m done in.




I’ll learn.

I’ll improve.

I’ll get stronger.

When I come out on the far side of the gauntlet…




I started at a stagger.

I’ll end in a charge.


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