Thinking about needs

I’ve been thinking about prayer for quite a while now.  “Give us today, our daily bread” in particular, is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately.  I paraphrase it to myself as “give us today the things we need for today”.  Obviously it’s not just about bread. It’s about what we need.  More to the point it’s about all the things we need; not just the basic needs or the material needs or the immediate needs.  It encompasses our need for strength and wisdom and courage and peace and physical prosperity and respite and acceptance and , basically, every need  we might have.  It’s about what we need to live happy, fulfilled, useful, prosperous lives.  It’s about what we need to be who we can be, far beyond who we are.  It’s about giving over our worries, long and short-term, immediate and far-reaching, and trusting that those needs will be met.  It’s a perfect request , ideally made in perfect trust.

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