Reds and golds

A shower of reds and golds
Drift down
As the wind stirs the branches they used to live on.
I stand in a leaf-fall
(Like a rainfall but dry and soft as butterfly wings)
That captivates me,
Suspends me in time
So that I only realize I’ve held my breath
When I remember that I haven’t taken one.
High above the branches and the leaf shower,
Clouds wash the sky
In shades of gray and granite and silver and smoke.
It’s like looking from the inside of a dark pearl.
The air has a tingling chill,
Hinting of ice to come.
For now the briskness wakes my skin.
Fear caught up to me tonight.
Recollection of the moment in the leaves helps me release it.
Fear will likely catch me again,
And again,
And again.
That’s life.
The moment in the reds and golds,
That’s life too
I’ll hold on to that.

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