Senescence. Good word.  Senescence is what happens when a thing reaches biological maturity and slowly drifts into a physical decline. This time of year makes me think of it.  The leaves turn and fall, and the blue in the sky leaches into a gray slate.   I’m reaching a place of senescence in my life. It sounds a bit depressing but, truthfully, I find it to be a very restful thought. Leaves are most beautiful at two points in their lives, in the spring when they’re new, and in the autumn when they erupt in brilliant color.  I like to think that maybe my life is getting ready to erupt in brilliant color too.  I’ll trade a little physical capability for a little peace, a little wisdom, and a little perspective.  Summer heat can wear a body out.  I need the autumn to pull back a little and rest.  This is a time when the world becomes like a sepia toned picture.  Maybe that’s a metaphor that only holds meaning for me but it evokes…simplicity.  A thing to keep in mind is that the world finds a new autumn every year, followed by a winter and then, remarkably, by a spring.  I might be senescent but I’m also moving to a new spring.

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