Nightime, August 2nd, Two in the morning

It’s a soft night. These nights only come when the weather is warm and a little heavy so the air drapes on you like a light blanket. I hear crickets and frogs outside the window. So many nights when I was a kid this is what a summer night was. We didn’t have air conditioning so the windows were always open and I went to sleep to the singing of crickets and frogs. (Later on it was Eddie Money and Journey on my mono cassette player but I remember the crickets and frogs better). The moon tonight is waxing gibbous and neither of those words describe it at all when you’re sitting on the porch listening to all of the things you can’t see and looking at the moon and wondering who else you know that might be looking too. Nights like these are for wide thoughts that birth epiphanies and found philosophies. Nights like these are for small thoughts that drift your mind along like the big fat cloud that just covered my moon. Baseball games have been played tonight. Grilling has been done (somewhere; not here). Movies have been watched. Dates have been had. Not too bad a night really. A southern summer night for me.


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